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Our story and the pain of a tradie's accident

Being a former builder, I know how valuable a PROPER vehicle is worth to any tradesmen.

Just having all your tools and hardware organized and in place can make that job so much easier.

I myself had a rear ender with 4, yes 4,  other cars ( make sure to purchase a mobile phone holder when hiring). All I thought was “how on earth I am going to get to the job?” and “how long will my ute be out of action?

Now you may wonder why I thought that, you may even say:

Don’t worry, your insurance will take care of everything  just hire a ute or van until its all fixed.”  ….    “WRONG!

They gave me a ute, so every morning I would have to load all my power tools from cordless drills to large jack hammers as well as all hardware nails, screws, levels  etc. then when I got to the job I would have to park onsite ( which most of the time is virtually impossible or right out front ,good luck with that) or my favourite , I will unload it. Then after work EXACTLY THE SAME THING. That’s not even the worst thing, I couldn’t grab any material as there was no ladder rack.

This went on for a while until I swapped the ute for a van. That was even worse, I’d pack the van with all my gear take off  then turn the first corner and my gear would just go everywhere. I’d get to work open the back door and my drop saw would fall out. Still couldn’t get material as I had NO ROOF RACKS.

This went on for 4 weeks. To ad insult to injury, I ended up having another bingle.

That’s when I decided to launch Tray’d Ready.


No more downtime

The Trayd Ready team are experts in the the building industry for over 20yrs. We know how precious and valuable every working day means to a tradesmen so that’s why TRAY’D READY will deliver the vehicle of choice to anywhere you would like and we’ll even pick it up absolutely free *.

Trade specific Vehicles

Our vehicles have been designed with the tradesmen in mind. Whether it be a Builder or Plumber you won’t be disappointed with the security and options to suit your trade. You can even add or remove toolboxes and or rocket launcher etc Just make sure to fill out the special requests section when ordering.

24 Hours Support

We are always contactable after hours via our chatbot service ( the small icon that pops up on every page) so if it is a real emergency one of the crew will always be able to give you a hand.


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